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Straw Mulching is generally undertaken on earthwork sites where there is a requirement to stop any erosion over the winter between earthwork seasons. It is also used as a temporary cover to stop erosion at other times when a heavy rain event is likely.

Straw or hay can be used anstrawmulching.jpgd is spread at a rate of between 4500 kg/ha and a 6000 kg/ha depending on site conditions. Straw does tend to last longer, the advantage of hay is the greater germination of grass seed, which acts as an additional control agent. 

Straw mulching can offer a 80 - 90% runoff efficiency and this occurs almost immediately as the straw or hay is applied. Straw Mulching entails incorporating the mulch in either the subsoil or topsoil. This then locks the sediment in and stops it moving offsite.

RST Environmental Solutions has track mounted machines that can cover up to two hectares an hour giving the ability to quickly close a site.


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