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RST Environmental Solutions Sediment Control aids in the removal of suspended solids in runoff from a variety of isolated and disturbed sites, i.e. construction sites, quarries and sub-divisions.

Bio Sock
Compost Filter Socks are robust BMP devices that are extremely capable in multiple applications.  The Patent Pending SynergyNet™ construction enables customization of the sock to achieve specific levels of strength, compost containment, filtration, rigidity, and bio-degradation.

Companies used to have to choose between environmental consciousness, lower costs and product effectiveness. With HaloKlear, you can have it all. We understand the challenges you face when it comes to managing water - whether you are collecting it from surface waters or discharging it into the environment.

Hydroseeding was developed in the USA in the 1950s as a means of getting vegetation to establish on difficult sites. The systems have come a long way since that time and RST Environmental Solutions have developed systems that are suited to New Zealand conditions. The hydroseeding units are truck based in two, four and six wheel drive configurations.

Straw Mulching
Straw Mulching is generally undertaken on earthwork sites where there is a requirement to stop any erosion over the winter between Earthwork seasons. It is also used as a temporary cover to stop erosion at other times when a heavy rain is likely.