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LockDown Netting is a single net rolled erosion control product that is designed to increase the slope stabilisation and erosion control capabilities of Compost Blankets. LockDown Netting is typically stapled to the slope prior to application; however, where high wind velocity conditions are anticipated, LockDown Netting should be installed on top of these practices.

LockDown Netting is categorised as an erosion control net and is used to increase soil surface roughness and stability if disturbed soils on hill slopes. Netting is to provide a structural surface to increase the stability of the compost blanket at the soil interface, particularly on steep grades. LockDown Netting is not sufficient to be used alone as a form of slope stabilisation or erosion control, and is to be used as a permanent stabilisation practice.
LockDown netting is typically applied to bare hill slopes prior to application of the compost blanket. During installation, LockDown netting is installed horizontally down slope and anchored to the soil.