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Purpose and Description
LivingWall is a system that allows for the stabilisation of eroded or damaged slopes while creating attractive vegetated landscapes without the use of hard materials such as concrete and steel. Through the use of FilterSock, the LivingWall system provides superior retention and erosion protection while providing an optimum environment for vegetation establishment.

Constructing a LivingWall involves stacking FilterSock on top of one another in a recessed fashion on steep slopes to near vertical situations. When required, a variety of grades of geogrid are seamlessly incorporated into the system giving it added structural support and integrity to meet specific environmental and site requirements. Although the central focus of the LivingWall system is top stabilise earth and reduce erosion, the secondary objective is to provide for the establishment and sustainability of vegetation and an aesthetic landscape feature.

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The LivingWall can be used for a wide variety of non-structural applications including:

  • Steep Slope Stabilisation
  • Streambank Stabilisation
  • Pond bank stabilisation
  • Slip Repairs
  • Culvert Headwalls
  • Bridge Abutments
  • Dikes/Berm
  • Flood Protection
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