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Purpose and Description
FilterRings are a three-dimensional tubular solid separation and water pollutant filtration device used for temporary, passive filtration of sediment-laden effluent and point sources of contaminated water. FilterRings can be used as a pre-treatment filtration system to separate solids or reduce solids content of contaminated water. FilterRings are easy to customise for size, shape, quantity of contaminated effluent and target pollutant removal.

FilterRings are used in temporary applications where unfiltered slurry or effluent may adversely affect surface water quality. Common applications for FilterRings include:

  • Concrete wash-off and wash-out from equipment and trucks
  • Pumping of surface water to allow access to stream banks for stabilisation projects
  • Sediment and storm water pond emergency overflow capture and filtration
  • Dredging slurry filtration
  • Animal manure and lagoon slurry filtration at concentrated animal feeding operation sites
  • Non-hazardous industrial effluent and slurry solids separation from point sources

FilterRings require adequate site drainage space to allow water to percolate through the FilterRing and drain away from the device. Leaving the solid fraction or filtrate within the device. After the water has been separated, the solid portion can be removed with a loader and disposed or land applied, depending upon the constituents within the filtrate.