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Purpose and Description
The FilterCell filtration system is a temporary or permanent water or storm water filtration system used to remove sediment and/or soluble pollutants from water or storm water. This land based system uses media and vegetation to remove pollutants from water and storm water before being discharged into collection ponds, constructed wetlands, infiltration basins, fields, or receiving waters.

The FilterCell system can be used for temporary or permanent application during land disturbing/construction activities or for permanent applications where vegetation can be established to cerate a permanent vegetative filter that is designed into the landscape. Typical applications include:

  • Pre-treatment for temporary sediment detention ponds,
  • Post-treatment for temporary sediment detention pond discharge or emergency storm outflow,
  • Pre-treatment for permanent storm water collection ponds,
  • Sediment and soluble pollutant control of storm runoff,
  • Sediment and soluble pollution filtration from contaminated effluent.