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Purpose and Description
The EdgeSaver vegetated soft armouring system is designed to stabilise banks and prevent erosion of waterway and shoreline banks. The EdgeSaver system is composed of a heavy duty tubular mesh netting matrix used to contain and stabilise growing media and vegetation. The EdgeSaver technology provides structural protection, erosion control, vegetation growth and vegetation reinforcement in one system. The EdgeSaver weight and anchoring system can withstand storm runoff velocities and hydraulic shear stresses similar to traditional soft armouring devices while the injected growing media ensure established and sustainability of both seed and live stake plantings.


The EdgeSaver vegetated armouring system is specifically designed to establish and reinforce vegetation under intense hydraulic pressure. Once permanent vegetation is established in the EdgeSaver system the following management parameters are enhanced:

  • structural stability and protection from toe-cutting and sloughing of waterway bank,
  • structural stability and protection from mass wasting and sloughing of shoreline from wave action,
  • control of erosion from overhead runoff, wave action, and shear stress from concentrated flows,
  • control of runoff velocity flowing to receiving water,
  • dissipation of runoff energy flowing to receiving water,
  • sustained vegetation health,
  • sediment, soluble pollutant, and pathogen removal efficiency and runoff flowing to receiving water.

The EdgeSaver armouring system is used where waterway and shoreline banks are eroding, have become unstable or cannot sustain vegetation. EdgeSaver can be used to establish, sustain and reinforce vegetation in areas of flow and intense hydraulic pressure that typically undermine vegetation growth, such as creeks and streams. Applications where the EdgeSaver system is typically required include:

  • creek, stream, and riparian bank stabilisation,
  • pond and lake shoreline stabilisation,
  • sediment and storm water retention/detention pond bank slope stabilisation,
  • riparian, stream bank, tidal creek, and salt marsh restoration, habitat and ecological restoration and aesthetic revitalisation.

Vegetated EdgeSaver can also be used to reduce runoff velocity flowing into surface waters.