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Dust can be a major issue on construction sites and is an emerging health and safety issue throughout New Zealand. RST Environmental Solutions has a number of different solutions which include a range of polymers. These polymers can be mixed into a water cart and applied by the contractor on site which will stabilise the soil and stop dust in its tracks.

 Other dust systems available include straw mulch that is mechanically crimped into the surface which is highly effective on wind erosion and a wind or vehicle activated sprinkler system that can control a k-line irrigation system which is ideal for small sites or near residential areas.

Water Additives

Water has a high surface tension which makes it inefficient at wetting fine dust particles. Introducing a water additive reduces surface tension and significantly improves the ability of water to form droplets and wet surfaces. It has been specially-formulated to include a constituent which provides a residual effect after the point of application.

This results in dust particles being kept wetter for longer, which reduces the number of water applications and therefore the final moisture content of the substrate. This is ideal for controlling dust on an active construction site as it can be added to the water cart and significantly reduce the number of daily waterings.

Soil Stabilisers

RST Environmental Solutions has a range of "next generation” soil stabilisers. There are several systems in the range that are very effective at stabilising dust on haul roads, stock piles, batters or any open areas on a construction site. By varying the strength of the solution applied you can use the polymers for short or long term stabilisation.

Not only will these systems control dust but they are very effective at stopping erosion on sites and can be used instead of straw mulch with the added advantage that the contractor can apply them via their own water cart. RST also has application technology so can apply product on the contractors behalf if necessary.