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Purpose and Description
DitchChexx are a three-dimensional tubular check dam device used in storm water drainage ditches and small channels on or near land disturbing activities to:

  • slow concentrated directional flow velocity of storm runoff
  • reduce gully erosion in ditch bottoms
  • remove sediment and soluble pollutants present in storm water runoff

DitchChexx reduce erosion by slowing runoff velocity and dissipating concentrated storm runoff flow. They trap sediment and soluble pollutants primarily by filtering storm water as it passes through the matrix of the DitchChexx and secondarily by allowing water to temporarily pond behind the DitchChexx.

DitchChexx are used in drainage ditches and small channels on and around land disturbing activities until final stabilization is complete. DitchChexx should be installed prior to excavating, filling, or grading of uphill areas.