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Concrete Socks

RST have reintroduced a range of low cost treatment socks for concrete wash. The socks are a modification of the bio-sock system that is used to treat and filter sediment laden water. The addition of a reagent in to the socks means that the composted filter media not only picks up the cement fines in the waste water but also now adjusts the pH to around a neutral level.

The sock based system can come in varying lengths and can be used in a curb or placed in a circle so a concrete truck could drop its wash water into it to treat it. The system is versatile and can be used across most concrete operations including exposed aggregate, concrete cutting, piling and any other operation dealing with concrete.

For larger scale concrete operations we can install a temporary filter cell which enables larger volumes of water to be treated or they can be retrofitted in to shipping containers if space is an issue and stacked on top of each other.

Through our HaloKlear product range we also have a flocculent that can be used to dose cement fines out of water. To see more on that click on the HaloKlear tab.

Concrete Sock Filter cell in Auckland treating wash water from piling.