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Purpose and Description
The Channel Sock soft armouring system is designed to stabilise and prevent erosion of channel beds and banks used for storm water conveyance and concentrated flow situations. The Channel Sock technology provides structural protection, erosion control, vegetation growth and vegetation reinforcement in the same system. The Channel Sock weight and anchoring system can withstand storm runoff velocities and hydraulic shear stresses similar to traditional soft armouring devices. The Vegetated Channel Sock system is specifically designed to reinforce vegetation against intense hydraulic pressure. Once permanent vegetation is established in the Channel Sock, the following storm water management parameters are increased:

  • structural stability of the channel and protection system,
  • reduction of bed and bank erosion,
  • protection from scour erosion,
  • control of runoff velocity
  • dissipation of runoff energy.
  • Sediment, soluble pollutant and pathogen removal efficiency

Channel Sock are used where storm water is conveyed or channelled and soil erosion and/or vegetation stability is an issue. Channel Sock can be used to establish, sustain, and reinforce vegetation in ares of concentrated flow and intense hydraulic pressure that typically undermine vegetation growth. Applications where Channel Sock are typically required include:

  • storm water diversion channels and ditches,
  • storm water conveyance channels and ditches,
  • channel/ditch bed and bank protection,
  • outlet protection from storm drains, paved channels and culverts